Nursery     (For children who turn two by December)

This class is essentially an introduction to school. Every child is given the care and understanding he/she requires in this new experience from the home environment.

Pre School classes  (For children who turn three by December)

Emphasis is placed on creating a stimulating environment where children are guided in the development of skills required as a basis for learning for life. Building of self esteem is a priority as well as ensuring success in completion of tasks that interest the child.

KG 1 and KG 2 classes  (For children who turn four and five by December respectively)

These classes implement a language programme designed to ensure success in reading/writing and comprehension in both English and Arabic.

The mathematics programme is designed to ensure a strong understanding of basic mathematics and science and the ability to put the knowledge to use.

Montessori Classrooms

Many of the classrooms are fully equipped Montessori classrooms, following the Montessori method of education and taught by Montessori Diploma teachers.