In June 2015 Madeleine’s Pre School gained accreditation under the Montessori Evaluation and Accreditation Board ( MEAB) scheme. This scheme offers support and guidance to Montessori schools in order to ensure that Montessori provision is of a high quality. The scheme, which includes a visit by an MEAB assessor to the school, also seeks to reassure parents that the school meets with the MEAB criteria for high quality Montessori provision. The assessors who visited Madeleine’s Pre School felt that it followed the Montessori ethos and was certainly worthy of accreditation.


MONTESSORI uses uniquely designed learning materials to help the child to

  • Develop self confidence and independent learning
  • Acquire habits of concentration and a positive self image.
  • Develop an abiding curiosity to learn and sensitivity to others.
  • Develop the foundations for success in reading writing and mathematics.
  • The child in a Montessori program wil  learn to..
  • Work and play well with others.
  • Work and play well by himself.
  • Share experiences,ideas, materials and games.
  • Expand his ability to concentrate.
  • Follow directions.
  • Develop better listening habits.
  • Appreciate books and other learning materials.
  • Sing songs and express himself through creative play.
  • Develop good personal hygiene.
  • Develop better physical coordination.
  • Acquire a sense of order.

Any child is free to work with any material displayed on the child level shelving as long as he uses it respectfully.

The child restores the material after completing the exercise.

No child interferes with another child’s activity.

The functional arrangement of the classroom and materials helps the child feel secure because he knows what to expect.

The order of the environment allows the child to do things without needing an adults assistance after the initial introduction of an exercise.

Within this framework of structure and order the child is free to direct his learning. He is given the opportunity for making decisions and choices about what work is to be done from a wide range of activities.

Help me to help myself

(Maria Montessori quote)