Application and Registration Information

  • Applications must be made at the school office  (no email or fax)     (Putting in an application does not guarantee a place.)
  • Registration to confirm a place in the school takes place in November/December for the following year starting in September.
  • Places are allocated according to date of application.
  • Priority is given to siblings of existing and previous students providing their application is received by December.


MPS Application Form.pdf


Current School Fees:

Application fee                           BD 20

Registration                              BD 100

Basic Annual School fee           BD 1920  (Payable in 3 installments as detailed below)


Payment Schedule:

First Installment                               BD 500 (payable in April)

Second Installment                           BD 710 (payable in September)

Third Installment                              BD 710 (payable in February)


Other Payments:

Snacks (per semester )                                                   BD 60.000 (payable in September & February)

Extracurricular activities (per semester)                       BD 30.000 (payable in September & February)

Books (KG1 & KG2) (per semester)                                  BD 30.000 (payable in September & February)

Pampers/Hygiene (per semester)  (If applicable)           BD 30.000 (payable in September & February)


The school office accepts payments by cheque or cash. Please make cheques payable to Madeleine’s Pre School. 


Refund policy:

  • 50% of 1st installment is refunded if child is withdrawn and school informed before end of the school year. NO refund will be given if school not informed before then.
  • 100% refund if a child is withdrawn because the family is relocating outside of Bahrain, as long as the school is informed before the end of the school year. If informed later than this then 50% of 1st installment is refunded.


Fees are correct at the time of printing and are subject to change.